Happy New Year!

January is my favorite time of year. It’s my time to rest up, clear out and start anew. Every year, for about 50 years, one of my main goals has been to finally get organized as I start anew. Maybe this year I turn the whole thing over to my husband, lord help me!

Along comes February, I have always been an idea person and a “do-it-yourselfer”. When I decided to start A Matter of Energy, I realized I could not live long enough for DIY. Getting certified, branding, business plan, LLC, web pages, Blogs, Facebook pages… You know there are people who love this stuff and they are good at it and you can pay them? Another great idea!

It is so liberating to realize we don’t have to be good at everything and we all have our strong suits and passions. I was so busy trying to be everything for everybody that I only discovered my passion a few years ago. What are yours? Do you know? Are you sure? My goal is to help you realize how talented and powerful you are and to make you fall in love with you because you are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and stars, you have a right to be here.

I named my business A Matter of Energy because basically that’s what it’s all about. When our energy is high, we are happy, productive, successful, intuitive, loving, lovable and loved. When our energy is low, we are sad, angry, fearful and not living up to our full potential. I can teach you how to be in charge of your energy level and it’s amazingly easy and quick. If you ever thought about changing your life, you can do it and I can show you how.

Did you know you have an energy body with an energy mind, an energy heart and hands etc. Do you know it communicates with you all the time through your emotions?