My Personal Positives in Dealing with “The Virus”

Choosing to focus on the positives makes it easier to deal with the negatives because we make better decisions when we are positive.

My husband and I had arrangements to visit friends in Florida, leaving Friday. The thought of possibly being exposed to the virus was nothing compared to the terrifying possibility fo being quarantined together for 14 days eating prepackaged food and fighting over the tv, not to mention the possibility of being sick in someone else’s house. We were disappointed but we decided to cancel, much to their relief I would think.

On the positive side, I have at least 14 days of FREE TIME to do things I put on the back burner until I had some free time. If I get the virus I can go to bed and get better without guilt. I know I am fortunate to have the freedom to be able to do this and grateful. I am sending positive energy and gratitude who are working to get us through this.

My Happy Free Time for Friday:
I’ve turned off the all-day tv and just check in now and then. Instead I’m listening to 50’s music and making some sense of my passwords so I don’t have to do the “forgot my password routine” every time I try to log in. I am also writing them down so my survivors will appreciate me one day in the far future. This is going to save me a lot of time.

My Happy Free Time for Saturday: I am leisurely catching up on all my laundry including my special care. I will now have more than a couple things to wear and/or clothes all ready to pack away for next year.

My Happy Free Time for Sunday: I am catching up with Facebook and looking forward to going through my photographs and sending Send Out Cards to family and friends. This is going to take a while, maybe days.

Please share your positive ideas in the comments especially if you have kids at home. Staying positive will make the time go faster, it will be good for our immune systems, and our relationships with those around us.

I’m finding some good ideas on my friends page too. I will share.
Stay up to date, stay positive and stay well.