When Life Sends Lemons, Make Lemonade

 I just read a ‘sky is falling and we are all doomed’ type post. As a happy Energist I have a different way of looking at things. I prefer to see this as FREE TIME to catch up on “when I get some free time” projects, a time to stop and think about who and what is truly important to me, a time to  appreciate my accomplishments, like marrying the man I love and have spent almost 56 good years with, actually it’s 60, the 3 children we raised, the home I made for them and more. I think of friends and relatives, remembering happy times and if there weren’t happy times I probably don’t remember them. 

Things had been getting really nasty, judging by Facebook posts and comments and on TV, political talk etc., family problems, drug problems, suicides, people thinking they need guns to protect themselves. But what can I do about it? Well, maybe it could be, what can we do about it? I’ve learned some life changing ideas and if you would like to join me, we could really make a difference.  Grumpiness is contagious but no match for love, kindness and happiness.

I like to think of 2020 as a time to STOP and see clearly what has been going on in the world for a long time and decide what we really want. I tend to think in metaphors and I see a small dog leaving a present in the yard. Chances it won’t be noticed and end up on a shoe. However, if it’s an elephant, I think it will be noticed. I’ve been noticing elephants lately, have you? By the way, I’m talking about the animal not the party. This is equal opportunity crap. We have been and are being  manipulated by anger  and fear. Why? Well for example it sells products and wins elections. It’s mostly about money and and power.

God and the Universe are on our side. They do not need us to protect them. All the religions I’ve read about talked about love. So why don’t we do what they tell us to do and love each other and not do what they tell us not to do like judging. Let’s send love, blessing and light out into the universe, the world and all the people in it and let’s start with ourselves. Evil hides in darkness but elephant piles are really easy to see in the light. Evil and hatred are no match for happiness, love and kindness. On this Palm Sunday, let’s open our hearts and think about  Easter and also send our love to our Jewish friends on Wednesday for Passover.

Let’s start by spending time focusing on what we personally love. Let’s sit down with a notebook and make a list of people and things we love, our favorite colors, sounds, anything that makes us happy and memories we cherish. Just keep writing. Keep it going and if a happy memory shows up, stop and write it down. If you have children, have them do it too and share with you. They can write, cut and paste or draw. Notice how this makes us feel. I’ll tell you what we can do with this next week.Life may have given us lemons but let’s join together and make lemonade. Let’s make a difference. It all starts with our happiness. See you next week

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