Welcome to my website. It’s about life, love, happiness and success, It’s all a matter of energy.

Watch the waterfall.

Feel It’s energy. Relax, smile and enjoy.

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What is Modern Energy?

Modern Energy is not based on traditional ideas about subtle energy from ancient cultures, New Age subtle energy medicine or any form of ancient religious or spiritual tradition.

Modern Energy is based on the provable, measurable, experiential reality of the living energy body in modern people. The theory of Modern Energy can be found in EMO Energy In Motion (Hartmann, 2002/2016).

What is a Happiness Circle?

It is an opportunity to be with other people, we are by nature social beings. So often now, we are alienated, we often only interact with each other through online communication but it’s just not the same as being with another person. It is like-minded people getting together to learn something new as well as practicing what we’ve learned, expanding on what each person has learned by their life experience. We will help each other attain the goal of being happy because your happiness is important and it’s just a matter of energy.

Do You Believe in Magic? I’m not talking slight of hand but real magic. Well, let me introduce you to your energy body, your energy hands and your heart of gold. You already have all you need to be happy and create the life you want. It’s quick, easy, fun and never to late or early to start. Below is a scale that will help you determine where you are now and measure your progress on the way to magic. Copy and print it. You will find that you will naturally move up and down several times a day but you will know where you are and and we will be learning fun ways to raise our energy level to where we want it to be, because your happiness is important at the end.

What's Your Energy Level Today?


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