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Happy Mind

Modern Energy is magical and you can use it everyday to help you have more energy, be happier and have less stress. EMO (Energy in Motion) is another technique I use to move energy and stress out of your body and mind. I talk about all of these things and more in my blog. I would love for you to follow me and maybe attend a class in the future.

Energy Body

Do You Have A Strong Energy Body? “A strong Energy Body is the basis for a happy successful life.”Silvia Hartman Have you met your energy body? Join us for a class and learn more. Just click here to sign up. Have you ever said, “I knew I shouldn’t have” or “I knew I should…

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The Gift of 2020 Vision

20/20 Vision Firstly with all the crazy stuff going on in our country right now, I keep seeing this year 2020, with the help of modern technology, as a time to see clearly many things good and bad that have been going on for centuries. Reading Silvia Hartmann yesterday she pointed out that we are…

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It’s not very often we get a do-over

There is good and bad in just about everything. Maybe one of the good things about our current situation is we have been forced to stop and shelter in place. We could sit around depressed, fearful and angry and make things worse or we could look at the bright side.For example, families have time to…

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The realities of life result from many outside factors, none of which you can control. Your attitude, however, reflects the way in which you evaluate what’s happening to you. It is not your situation, it’s your reaction to the situation that’s important. Things always seem to turn out best for those people who see an…

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What Makes You Happy

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation where the focus was sharing what you hate? Have you ever thought, “Well at least I’m not as bad as…” It’s easy to fall into these patters when our energy is low. Focusing on what we hate brings our energy lower and not as bad as is…

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Easter New Year

Happy Spring! For a long long time Easter has been my New Year. From New Years Day until Easter I wrapped up the old year and got ready for the new. This is really some new year, isn’t it?  Yesterday I gathered my mask and gloves and went on a grocery run. Wow no traffic…

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