Easter New Year

Happy Spring! For a long long time Easter has been my New Year. From New Years Day until Easter I wrapped up the old year and got ready for the new. This is really some new year, isn’t it? 

Yesterday I gathered my mask and gloves and went on a grocery run. Wow no traffic on a Saturday, close parking spaces, few people in the store, short checkout lines! Although many of the shelves have been restocked, it took 4 stops to get all the stuff I needed, and the one way isles meant if I forgot something I had to go the end of the isle to  turn around. Some people cheated but the  person who told me where to go was watching me. Still and all in about 2 hours I managed to get everything I went for and more.

We have moved 8 times and with every move I looked forward to new experiences and this pandemic for me is some really new experiences, so many sad and bad. However, difficult times can bring people together. When we lost our daughter last October I was amazed how many people cared and gave us their love and support. What’s amazing here is the whole world has pretty much stopped except for the opportunists and the helpers. Who knew there were so many wonderful dedicated helpers from doctors and nurses and hospital staff, food collectors and deliverers, shelf stockers, gas station attendants, helpful political leaders stepping up doing what they were elected to do and on and on. So many helpers. So easy to see who is  who. I’ve heard what we focus on grows so let’s focus on all the helpers and send them love and gratitude. Let’s actually stop and say thank you for being a helper and putting yourself out here in the danger zone. They might think you are weird or crazy but they will like it.