What Makes You Happy

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation where the focus was sharing what you hate? Have you ever thought, “Well at least I’m not as bad as…” It’s easy to fall into these patters when our energy is low. Focusing on what we hate brings our energy lower and not as bad as is not a worthy goal especially when you are already great but stressed and low on energy.

You are the most important person in your life. If you are not aware of this, you are not working at the top of your game. There will always be better and lesser, but they are not our business. We are at our best, smartest and most creative when our energy is high, and we are happy. 

So, what makes you happy? During stressful times like these it’s sometimes hard to remember. If you say making others happy makes you happy, that’s not it. That kind of thinking can make you a martyr. Happy you makes others happy because happiness is more contagious than this virus.

I invite you to join my Online Happiness Circles at the special “Shelter in Place” price and walk with me awhile. Let’s start our own like-minded group and start an epidemic of happiness. Please feel free to invite your shelter mates to join us, especially children. They tend to be better at this than we are.