FREE TIME vs. sheltering in place

I got up this morning like every morning looking for any insights I might have had during the night from questions I put out the day before. Nothing really, I still don’t know where my hearing aid is but sometimes things do show up. So I looked over, smiled at my husband who was still sleeping and sent him some energy. Now let me say, it’s not always this way, I’m not a saint. I just learned how to manage my emotions and choose to be happy because it makes life easier and more fun and the choice is mine. I will be 78 in May and I send love and gratitude to oh so many people on my path who taught me how to make this choice.

So anyway, I got up, got my coffee, and checked on my Facebook friends for any funny stories, uplifting posts, recipes, or free classes (I will die reading a cookbook or taking a class). One of the posts that grabbed me was a free class on reading Facebook analytics etc. My coach takes care of that stuff but I thought that it’s a free class, maybe it would help me understand him better, not that I intended to use it.  I checked the comments and OMG there were a few who said thank you but most were hateful. It’s a gift, if you don’t want it, say no thank you and move on for your own sake. It is not good for your health and wellbeing to get your panties in a bunch and all stress out over a free gift.

Life is full of weeds and flowers and we can choose which we focus on. However, the weeds have their place too with many benefits and again, it’s what we choose to focus on. So how do we focus on the benefits of this coronavirus “revoltin’ development” as Riley might have called it in the 40’s radio comedy? For most of us it’s enforced FREE TIME. Finish this sentence, “ When I get the time I want to______.” Or “Someday I will______?” Can’t remember? Try this:

Put you heeling hands over your heart of gold

Take a few deep breaths and relax

Say, “Dear Energy Mind, please give me a memory of when I said those words.”

Relax and wait for the memory

Say, “Thank you, Dear Energy Mind.”

See what happens.

If this is not for you that’s OK, just move on in peace. But if you’re curious, check out my web site  I’m rather new at this online stuff but together we can get through this enforced FREE TIME growing and having some fun with new friends. Doesn’t that sound better than sheltering in place?