Personal Positive Ideas

Did you ever get so involved in the news or the minutia of life that you want to shout “STOP!”? Well it has stopped for most of us. All the stores are closed, we can’t touch, we’re sheltering in place and now what? So let’s try to relax,  catch up some sleep, listen to music, enjoy family time and get some stuff done. This too will pass whether we are happy or stressed so let’s choose happy and spread it to family and friends, not because we don’t take the threat seriously and understand the impact this has on many who who are less fortunate but because we are all more effective when our energy is high. Though this might not keep us from getting the virus, neither will obsessing over it.

I’ve been enjoying (making the best of) the FREE TIME that circumstances handed to me. I’m making progress on my passwords, sorting photos and  reading cookbooks (I mostly vicariously cook). Right now I’m into cultured food and have ordered prebiotics to feed my probiotics in my kefir and some sour dough starter to make Einkorn bread which is made with an ancient wheat much lower in gluten. Probiotic foods are so beneficial for our health. You can get lots of info and videos at   Will it help with coronavirus? I don’t know but it’s good for autoimmune problems,  brain health and more. My Misfits box arrived with reasonably priced, less than perfect organic produce. That’s a little gift I send myself and I can’t wait to see what I got today.

 Be well and stay positive. Your happiness is important.