Meet Your Aspects

We are not just one single person; we are a series of aspects. An aspect is created by an event that you reacted to emotionally. If the event was negative it could become a hang up or even a phobia. If it was positive it can become a guiding star or even an obsession or addiction. We quite often forget about these events, good or bad, but the aspects hang around and remind us of the emotions we felt at the time of the event. We can manage or even get rid of these hang ups or obsessions by connecting with the original aspect or aspects, giving them love, understanding and energy.

In the energy circles we will work together or with each other to find these aspects and deal with emotions that are still affecting us today. We will not be dealing with any trauma or addition, I am not qualified to handle those situations. These circles are for fun and easy, but they are also effective and liberating. We will work with each other to discover some of the minor hidden aspects that are holding us back from being all that we can be.

So, when your energy goes down you feel sad or angry and a lot of times your brain will give you an answer to why; it may not be a legitimate answer though. When you work on raising your energy, you will see the problem in a different light find a better answer; it gives you a different perspective to solve the problem. This will happen a lot of times at night when you get fixated on something: “what am I going to do?!” When you wake up in the morning, it doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal.

An aspect describes who you were at a time of a particular event in your life; that event can either be positive or negative. The stress of the event is on that aspect at the moment of that event, it does not relate to you right now. If it were a negative event, we can go back and raise the energy of that aspect to let the emotions go. If it were a very positive event, that aspect can produce a guiding star and you want more of it.

For example, when you were younger, and your grandfather would take you to get a banana split and it made you so very happy. Later in your life, when you think of that event and the feeling associated with it you want more, and you are fixated on banana splits.

If you have an obsession with something, there is an aspect of you that has linked that obsession to a certain emotion. If you are feeling angry or afraid, it could be because at a particular time, probably when you were younger that you associate with that. In order to deal with those emotions, you need to deal with the aspect.

The reason for these happiness circles is that many times when we are thinking together, one person sharing theirs helps others think of what theirs might be. We help each other remove these obsessions or find ways to deal with them; working with other people is fun and makes it much quicker to handle the situation.

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