What proof do you have that your supplement works?

Among the most hotly debated issues in supplement research is the type and amount of evidence needed to demonstrate the efficacy of dietary supplements. Many of the issues involving efficacy include those common in testing of all medications such as study designs, significance testing, appropriate outcomes, effect sizes, acceptable biomarkers of effect, and the differences between statistical and clinical significance. 

As the dietary supplement market has become more global and lucrative, so have the importance of ensuring product quality and the challenges in doing so. There are increasing numbers of cases of adverse reactions and some fatalities due to contaminants or adulterants in the product rather than in the dietary supplement ingredients themselves. In some cases this has been due to intentional fraud by producers of these poor quality products who have developed sophisticated methods for overcoming existing regulations and oversight.†

So what proof do you have that your supplement works? If you take Shaklee, the proof is in their exhaustive research, scientific innovation, clinical trials, years of proof that their products work, and most of all… in how you feel!

†Dietary Supplements: Regulatory Challenges and Research Resources, Published online 2018 Jan 4: https://www.mdpi.com/2072-6643/10/1/41