Why bioavailability is the key to a quality supplement…

One thing that’s critically important when you’re choosing a food supplement is… bioavailability. Why?

Bioavailability is the amount of the nutrient in a supplement that is actually digested, absorbed and metabolized by your cells. In other words, when you’re choosing a supplement, it’s not enough to know how much of a nutrient is present in a dietary supplement; the more important issue is how much of that nutrient is bioavailable.

Nutritional scientists are well aware of the importance of bioavailability and those who are reputable, try to find ways to make sure their supplements can actually be used by the cells to build health. But the fact is that most supplements available today are made artificially… synthesized in a laboratory. In most of these cases, bioavailability is not a goal… sales are.

So… how do you know if your supplement is bioavailable? Well… you won’t find it on the label. The only real measure you’ll have is… how you feel when you take it. In other words, does your supplement produce the health results you expect. Are you getting your money’s worth?

So.. how do you choose the right one?

Supplements that are formulated to have high bioavailability are proven to be more effective than any other type of supplement on the market.

One way to be sure is to purchase supplements that are that are specifically formulated to achieve high bioavaiability, and that means… Shaklee! While there are a few other supplements on the market that claim to offer high bioavailability, most cannot prove it. But Shaklee can… and does!

Every supplement that Shaklee makes has been thoroughly researched, formulated for maximum absorption, and clinically tested to make absolutely sure that it will be metabolized and utilized by the cells for a positive health result. Shaklee won’t put any supplement on the market that does not achieve this critical goal of maximum bioavailability. That’s why we say… if it’s Shaklee, it works!