Choosing Youthing: a Blog

Most people age through their entire lives but I choose youthing rather than aging.

Stressed about Corona Virus?

Are you worrying about the coronavirus? Well that’s not good because worry is stress and stress is bad for your immune system. Do you know what’s good for your immune system? Shaklee and I know because I’ve been using and sharing Shaklee products for 50 years. The saying goes, “Shaklee is…”Maybe […]


Happy New Year!

January is my favorite time of year. It’s my time to rest up, clear out and start anew. Every year, for about 50 years, one of my main goals has been to finally get organized as I start anew. Maybe this year I turn the whole thing over to my […]


Meet Your Aspects

We are not just one single person; we are a series of aspects. An aspect is created by an event that you reacted to emotionally. If the event was negative it could become a hang up or even a phobia. If it was positive it can become a guiding star […]


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